EF & E-Series, SANtricity, and Related Plug-ins

E series for backup storage?


what I know of is that SANtricity OS + E series is for Flasharray.  but, not sure of if E5600 and also NL-SAS , 10K SAS, & SSD, can  be used for backup storage?


Also, Are there SnapMirror Manager for OnTap type of software running on SANtricity?


Can somebody please shed some lights here please?





E-Series is great for backup. CommVault, Veeam and Symantec all partner with NetApp and E-Series for backup to disk solutions.  SANtricity supports async and sync replication, snapshot and clones.  




Can E serious support DeDup? and also who can it work with OnTap?


Is E serious/SANtricity supposed to be for Flash array?




E-Series does not provide dedup as a feature, but it can be used with software that does provide dedup like CommVault's Simpana backup software for example.  You can use E-Series drive enclosures behind FAS controllers.  The product name for this is Flexarray.  With this architecture you can get the best of both worlds, consistent low latency high-perforamance SAN and the rich data management capabilities of ONTAP.  FlashRay is a purpose-built all-flash storage array with the new NetApp Mars™ operating system. 


Most modern backup s/w provides deduplication and compression, as the previous answer noted. 

That's why you don't want to additionally enable it on the array - it'd only waste power and CPU cycles...


Software Dedup? Can you pls send me docs on this concept?

Pls also send me docs on architecture with ontap filers?

Would it be SAN connection for backups data or could it be NFS as well? any docs on this front?

Thanks a lot


SANtricity OS is the stoarge operating system that runs on E-Series and EF-Series.  Flashray runs a different operating system called MARS.  Here is a link to the FlashRay press release: http://www.netapp.com/us/products/storage-systems/flashray/flashray-software.aspx?q=mars&cp=1


The E5600 is an excellent backup to disk target when used with Symantec, CommVualt or Veeam backup software.  You can Support SSD, SAS 10k and NL-SAS 7.2k drives in the E5600.  Check out the tech specs on NetApp.com


There is no SnapMirror Manager for OnTap type software that can run on SANtricity.


I hope this information helps you out.


Hopefully quick question. Is it possible to Snapmirror from an E-Series 2824 to a FAS8800. The are both FC and are at different physical locations. There is a 300 MB link between. So I guess Santricity to OnCommand. If not could volumes be copied by another method?