EF & E-Series, SANtricity, and Related Plug-ins

Where do I find the latest versions for SANtricity?


I'm lookng for the latest version of SANtricity for Windows 32bit and 64bit. 



Hi Terry,

NetApp is posting the SANtricity code on its Support Site. Log in and select Downloads > Software. Scroll down to "E-Series Storage Systems" and then select the option for SANtricity software. The latest versions for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows are posted.



That is correct location you download SANtricity if you own an E-Class system with a maintenance contract attached to it.

So if your like some of us where you have let your maintenance lapse becuase your Engenio based equipment is in a test and dev enviroment then it becomes somewhat painful.

In our case the machine SANtricity was installed failed, but it turned out to be quite challenging obtaining a version at all.

We ended up being able to download an older copy of SANtricity 10.75 directly from the LSI archives.

But I still think that the SANtricity software should be available even to customers that don't have a maintenance contract.

After all it is a tool to manage a peice of hardware we purchased, without it we are unable to configure/manage our product.



I can't promise anything but will reach out to a few folks internally to see if there are any other alternatives.  Thanks for the info and concern.


Unfortunately there isn't any alternative at the moment and best advice is to contact your account team as they may be able to help.


NetApp need to make the downloads for SANtricity more accesible.

People are reading this thread and searching me out to find a copy of SANtricity becuase they cannot find the software to manage there storage array.

You guys really need to put up some public download links for people to get the software.


Thanks Adam,

NetApp has created a FAQ for legacy customers to help them find needed information. Hopefully this will help answer questions for you and others.



         How do I get Controller Firmware (CFW) and Host Software (HSW) for my system?

        A. In the past, LSI did not post CFW and HSW on LSI.com. That is because the products mainly were

sold through OEM partners and there were few direct customers. For those situations where LSI had a support

relationship with an end customer, code would be provided as part of the problem resolution if a defect was

found. One exception to this was for the CTS2600 product- which had CFW and HSW code posted in the

secure download area along with the VSS/VDS providers that were specific for the CTS2600. Provisions have

been made on the NetApp Support Site on the Software Downloads page to get to CTS2600 binaries after you

have registered as a user as specified above. They will be contained under the “RAID Controller CTS2600

Legacy Engenio” listing.

        This policy will continue at NetApp in that CFW and HSW will not be posted on the Support Site for the

legacy systems. Other software that was on the site that has been moved to the Support Site is outlined in

another FAQ and matrix below.

Of course, for those customers that have purchased NetApp branded-products directly from NetApp have their

own entitlement and can access the software that they are entitled to via the NetApp Support site.


When is SANtricity 10.83 going to be available for download?