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Re: Unable to present LUNs from HPA Eva 4400 to gFiler


ok, but then we have 2 initiators and 3 targets, which is not supported either. V-Series requires single initiator multiple target zoning for a supported configuration. There is a huge load of documentation in the NOW support database about proper cabeling and zoning btw.



Unable to present LUNs from HPA Eva 4400 to gFiler

Hi again

ok, from manuals it can be either Stand-alone with two 2-port array LUN groups or Two 4-port array LUN groups configuration

Even with single initiator zoning, luns are not present..

Re: Unable to present LUNs from HPA Eva 4400 to gFiler

G'Day boys,

Sorry i have been out of the office.

Ok so catching up on the convo line. Yeah you can't have both controlers on the EVA pointing to the Netapp Filer. It will only allow one path. You will notice this once you get connectivity because when you present the luns to the Itiator ports on the filer they will have the switch name. Well with Brocade thats what happens and so it should because that way you know that the disks are presented luns.

here is an example below. aunssdcfsw01 is my fabric switch.  126L8 ect are the lun numbers L8 ect.....

1d.01.10     aunssdcnap02(151751928)   Pool0  JZV5W9BM

1d.01.9      aunssdcnap02(151751928)   Pool0  JZV5JYDM

1a.00.21     aunssdcnap02(151751928)   Pool0  3SL1222300009102EN3B

1d.01.21     aunssdcnap02(151751928)   Pool0  3SL1T3GW00009126JP29

aunssdcfsw01:15.126L8 aunssdcnap02(151751928)    Pool0  600508B4000C23C00000E000                                                                              01A50000

aunssdcfsw01:15.126L3 aunssdcnap02(151751928)    Pool0  600508B4000C23C00000E000                                                                              01910000

aunssdcfsw02:14.126L6 aunssdcnap02(151751928)    Pool0  600508B4000C23C00000E000                                                                              019D0000

aunssdcfsw02:14.126L5 aunssdcnap02(151751928)    Pool0  600508B4000C23C00000E000                                                                              01990000

aunssdcfsw02:14.126L2 aunssdcnap02(151751928)    Pool0  600508B4000C23C00000E000                                                                              018D0000

aunssdcfsw01:15.126L7 aunssdcnap02(151751928)    Pool0  600508B4000C23C00000E000                                                                              01A10000

So, you need to zone one of the 4400 filer ports on one controler to 0A

So port 1 on controler A goes to 0A on the filer.

Port 2 on controler A goes to 0C on the filer.

This leaves you with the second controler in the eva spare for presentation to another disk group. if you have one.

On the 4400 you need to create a new host. The host under hosts on the eva is the Netapp Filer. you need to add the Initator ports 0A & 0C to this host name that you create.

Then create a 5gb disk and present this to your filer.

Once the disk is presented you will need to zero the disks and allocate them or it to a filer.

so you will need to use "disk zero spares" & "disk assign" commands on the filer to add them.

After this you can go into system manager and goto aggrigate and create aggrigate select lun disks and you should see them then in a GUI form. Until this step you will not see them in the gui.

after that, create your new aggrigate > volumes > luns and Igroups ect. then your users can start abusing the space.

Re: Unable to present LUNs from HPA Eva 4400 to gFiler

Hi Scott, Thomas

How are you??

i proceed with some changes in zoning and this is the new schema:

SANSwitch1 (Switch_A):

zone vFilerB_0c_eva4400_c1_fp1
                50:0a:09:80:00:03:52:df (initiator port 0a on vFilerB)
                50:01:43:80:02:5d:fa:28 (target port on EVA C1 FP1)

SANSwitch2 (Switch_B):

zone vFilerB_0a_eva4400_c1_fp2
                50:0a:09:82:00:03:52:df (initiator port 0c on vFilerB)
                50:01:43:80:02:5d:fa:29 (target port on EVA C1 FP2)

500a0982000352df 0a               N-port  (GIHAID:  7, Peer WWN: 201400051eaecd52)
500a0983000352df 0b               L-port  (GIHAID:  8)
500a0980000352df 0c               N-port  (GIHAID:  5, Peer WWN: 201400051ea7b1f5)
500a0981000352df 0d               L-port  (GIHAID:  6)
2100001b328200ca 3a               L-port  (GIHAID:  1)
2101001b32a200ca 3b               L-port  (GIHAID:  2)
2100001b3282b1cb 4a               L-port  (GIHAID:  3)
2101001b32a2b1cb 4b               L-port  (GIHAID:  4)
201100051ea7b1f5 Switch_A:17      F-port  (Phys Port: 17, FA:  0x011100, Switch WWN: 100000051ea7b1f5)
201400051ea7b1f5 Switch_A:20      F-port  (Phys Port: 20, FA:  0x011400, Switch WWN: 100000051ea7b1f5)
201100051eaecd52 Switch_B:17      F-port  (Phys Port: 17, FA:  0x011100, Switch WWN: 100000051eaecd52)
201400051eaecd52 Switch_B:20      F-port  (Phys Port: 20, FA:  0x011400, Switch WWN: 100000051eaecd52)

fc-non-array-adapter-list adapters are: 0b,0d

On EVA i had re-create a new host with both 0a,0c for host ports

Host Properties

Type: Fibre channel host
Node name: vFilerB
Host name :
IP address:  
Operating System: Type: SUN Solaris
Custom type: 
UUID: 6005-08b4-000d-96d0-0000-7000-0066-0000 

Vdisk information
Name: Vdisk001
World Wide LUN Name:

Foldername: \hosts\nsereis_gateway\vFilerb
LUN operating System: 1 Sun Solaris

Advanced Settings:

Preferrend path/mode: No preference
Host Access: Read/write
Managing controller: Controller1
OS unit ID: 0
Write protect no

Controller properties
Fiber Channel Switch: Not Installed

Operational State - Good
Connection State - Logged into fabric
World Wide Name: - 50014380025DFA28

Operational State - Good
Connection State - Logged into fabric
World Wide Name: 50014380025DFA29

Results: No LUNs are present on VfilerB