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BIOS problem -> ESXi error message?




since BIOS update i got this message and the message i get every time when i reboot the system:




During research i found this: Error after BIOS Upgrade: "Untrusty Debug Firmware Key is used" 


Now my question:

Is this problem the source of this alert i get in VMware?




Kind regards




Just resolved the "alert" in VMware, two things i changed:


1. Changed in the BIOS the boot mode from LEGACY to UEFI.

2. There was a VIB from the latest beta installed, in removed it: VMware_bootbank_vib-test-certs_7.0.0-1.0.15525992


At the moment i can't say what of the two resolved the issue...


Hello sraudonis,


What version of BIOS are you using?


The issue in the KB you linked is specifically seen in NA3.4 which had unused signature modules leftover in the code which is why the "Untrusty Debug Firmware Key" was seen.


The fix is included in the NA3.5 version which removed the unused signature modules.


As the KB says though, you can ignore the "Untrusty Debug Firmware Key" for now.

Team NetApp


All is fine, i have currently the BIOS NA3.7.


My initial question was regarding the VMware error message, if it was possible that the message in VMware has the same source as the BIOS message. But i think the source of this message was the Test-Certs from the vSphere 7 Beta... As i wrote already.

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