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HCI preconfigured ?




we will purchase a netapp HCI 4 x 4 (4 compute nodes and 4 storage nodes) and we want to know if the solution come with preconfigured switches (vlans, lacp etc..) or we have to spend a time to do it.





Hi, if you purchase HCI and get a partner to deploy it, the kit comes unconfigured but the partner will use tools such as config builder to build the switch configuration and integrate the system. This could include joining an existing virtual estate or integrating with an existing one. 

The config builder tool gives the partner a deployment workbook which, when filled in will allow the deployment engineer to copy paste configuration elements into the switches and into the HCI NDE (NetApp deployment engine). It's a pretty rapid deployment once all the information is captured into the tools, the whole thing will stand up within an hour or two easily.




Thank you for your answer

In my country netapp is not present, we use the documents provided by the Netapp site for the installation of the netapp hci 4X4 solution. The switch for the solution is Mellanox SN2010.
I found a doc of the configuration of Mellanox SN2010 switch provided by Stephen Carl, (HCI Tech Solutions, NetApp
December 2018 | TR-4735-1218) which is interesting I provide you the link.

The wiring configuration on page 14 and the switch configuration is on page 15.
This is our first time with the Netapp HCI solution.


Yep that one is useful, this document is also worth a read, it's slightly out of date but is still valuable. 





Before committing to netapp HCI, I believed that Deployment Engine does everything by providing it with the information (names, DNS, Ip addresses for the three segments management storage and vmware vmotion) and he takes care of everything.
is there a simpler configuration for the Mellanox SN2010 switch?

note: I have read NetApp HCI 1.7P1



The NDE (NetApp Deployment Engine) is very good yes, it will automate the depoyment based on your inputs.


In terms of the switch configuration, I beleive there is a web interface as part of the Mellenox switch OS. It might take more clicks to get it done but could be easier for you to deploy if your not comfortable with the CLI.


Hi Higo!


We have a simple configuration guide for the Mellanox switches starting Page 15 at https://www.netapp.com/us/media/tr-4735.pdf


Hope this helps - it should not take too long!




the example in tr-4735.pdf is for 2c x 4s  we ordered a 4c X 4S.




#Configure data ports (compute nodes)
interface ethernet 1/11-1/12 mtu 9216 force          =======================>  1/11-1/14
interface ethernet 1/11-1/12 spanning-tree bpdufilter enable  =======================>  1/11-1/14
interface ethernet 1/11-1/12 spanning-tree port type edge  =======================>  1/11-1/14
interface ethernet 1/11-1/12 spanning-tree bpduguard enable  =======================>  1/11-1/14
interface ethernet 1/11-1/12 switchport mode hybrid  =======================>  1/11-1/14

interface ethernet 1/11 description HCI-CMP-01 eth4:portE
interface ethernet 1/12 description HCI-CMP-02 eth4:portE

interface ethernet 1/13 description HCI-CMP-01 eth4:portE
interface ethernet 1/14 description HCI-CMP-02 eth4:portE

interface ethernet 1/11 switchport hybrid allowed-vlan all
interface ethernet 1/12 switchport hybrid allowed-vlan all

interface ethernet 1/13 switchport hybrid allowed-vlan all
interface ethernet 1/14 switchport hybrid allowed-vlan all

interface ethernet 1/11 switchport access vlan 100
interface ethernet 1/12 switchport access vlan 100

interface ethernet 1/13 switchport access vlan 100
interface ethernet 1/14 switchport access vlan 100




sorry, the configuration of the switches is not my strong point  😞






Long answer:


The exact cabling for 4C + 4S  depends on how many 10/25 G cables you want to use on each Compute node.

If you have vSphere Enterprise Plus (and vDS), then you can use only two per node.

If you don't, then 4 per node.

In any case, you will need more than just 4 ports per switch:

a) 4 storage nodes x 2 = 8

b) 4 compute nodes x (at least) 2 = 8

So you'd need 8 ports per switch. In the vSS scenario, you'd need 12 per switch.

And the exact configuration of switches depends on which cabling option is picked (because in the 2 cable per compute node scenario all VLANs reside on the 10/25G NICs, whereas in the vSS switch some VLANs will use additional 1G cables (on top of 4 x 10/25G cables).

And even when all of the above is clear and final, there are still environment-specific options and potentially additional configuration commands that need to be executed.

In your attempt iSCSI ports are missing, and even for compute ports (assuming a 2 cable scenario) there's an assumption that default network will be VLAN 100 but you should definitively create more VLANs.


Short answer:


NetApp partner or SE can arrange a "WebEx" session and walk you through 10 or so questions regarding your network requirements, and as you answer them they'll key in your answers into an Excel spreadsheet, and once it's all done (20 mins?) they'll have enough info to produce a valid configuration file to deliver with the system.

Without it, it's not easy to make a config valid for your environment by referencing a TR.




Thank you for your reply.
The attached configuration is good for me !

Best regards


That can work but

a) Matching client-side network VLANs should match (or be created), or if you have conflicting VLAN IDs for other purposes, y ou'd have to change the VLAN IDs from these config files

b) You probably won't be able to complete configuration by simply copy-pasting these config files.

The order of different sections may (or may not, I haven't tried that particular config file) need to be changed. If you copy-paste the entire file and it failes between 0% and 100%, you'll be stuck and maybe have to undo and try different order

c) Uplinks are locked to 10G which may or may not fit your environment

d) Switches need to be initialized, management IPs configured, etc. before you can use them


You won't break them by attempting several times, but you may need to spend a day or two until you get it right.






I need help to configure   Mellanox SN2010 Switch with 4c x 4s with.




You won't have to spend much time.


As others have mentioned you can get a customized copy-paste CLI config script for 2 x Mellanox SN2010 as long as you provide inputs in advanced to a NetApp partner or service delivery guy. They need to generate that and revert to you.


The same goes for NDE install wizard: you need to decide what you will enter into the UI, and that may require some planning and consideration on your side (as well as some inputs from the network side).


If you spend 30 minutes on Zoom with a partner or service delivery guy to provide this info (network IPs, VLANs, etc.), assuming the info is correct, you will be able to save a ton of time and install without much effort. They key is to make these decisions days before implementation.


Edit: I should also add, it's unlikely you can have it delivered pre-configured, because certain services like NTP, ADS, etc. are site-specific so it must be done on-site. It is very important that VLANs, gateways, DNS, NTP, etc. is in place for everything to work out.