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Interested in UCS directly attached to NetApp in FlexPod?


Here's a great link I found about UCS direct attach to NetApp...   now with UCS Manager 2.1



Good discussion. While FAS directly attached to the FI is "supported" by both NetApp and Cisco, and UCS 2.1 does fill some of the gaps such as zoning support on the FI, it is still not considered a FlexPod. There are numerous reasons for this, but the main issue is that it breaks our redundancy story by not providing active-active ethernet connections (vPC, essentially) from the FAS controller. Be sure to check out the FlexPod Technical Specifications for our official rule set that describes what is required to be considered a FlexPod.


, I forgot to share the results .....This architecture is validated now and the best part was that Zoning can be done on FI. Good to see FI working as a fabric Switch.

I also validated Boot on SAN for ESX 5.0 u1 and u2.

Now this looks a very cost effective solution as it is saving the entire cost fo MDS Switch, which is around $16K .More if the operational expenditure of MDS is considered.

It is not a Flexpod architecture but a Flexpod like archittecture.No FCoE being used for Nexus.Also please note that Nexus5548 is not mandatory requirement. Incase you are using a Cat Switch, U can utilize it for your new design...


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