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Add NetApp License


Hi all, I have a FAS-2240 and Im trying to add license on the system, I went to the support portal and list all licenses from my system and it seems that I only got the partial key, it shows something like AEBQLJ as a key, but I read on NetApp documentation that license keys for ONTAP 8 is a 12 digit key.


Anyway, when I try to add this Key I got invalid key error.



Please take a look at this KB, covers most queries around licence format for different versions of ontap.


IMPORTANT: Data ONTAP 7-Mode to Data ONTAP 7-Mode, or cluster to cluster Data ONTAP version upgrades do NOT require new license keys unless the system has been wiped clean.


Get in touch with your netapp account manager or simply raise a ticket with NetApp.


Hi, the ONTAP version is 8.2.1RC2 7-mode, I have no previous knolodge with NetApp tecnology and the system is not covered by support.


I do not know exactly what happended with the system but the license screen of one of the controllers is empty as you can see in the attacments.


I think the system was previously in the 8.1 version (7 characters key) and than updated to 8.2 (12 characters key), so the support portal shows me the onl key format.