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Adding disk shelf to FAS8040


I am planning to add a new DS4246 disk shelf to an existing 6 node FAS8040. We have installation services and I need to answer the question:


"Please confirm if this shelf will be added to an existing loop or will a new loop needed to be created"


Any information is appreciated. 



Re: Adding disk shelf to FAS8040


Hi there!


This question relates to if the disk shelf will be added to an existing stack (formerly loop) of shelves. It is suggested that SATA disks should be on a different stack, as well as 3G/6G and a seperate stack is required for 12G SAS shelves. 


If you're adding a new shelf of disks that is the same type of disks to your existing disks, and you have 9 or less of that type of disk shelf (3 for SSD) connected to each controller pair, you will not need a new stack. 


For an exact answer for your scenario, you should contact your netapp or partner solutions architect/engineer, or our professional services coordinator who asked that question. 


Hope this helps!

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