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CIFS LUN iscsi on Fas 2020

Hello there first off all  i am new on netapp so bare with me.

Here is the situation i got a Fas 2020 with CIFS share, As of windows 10  the old smb version  is a security risk so i have been asked to enable the isci and try to mount it with the cifs shares

if possible so we dont need copy the massive ammount of data we have .

I have a second Fas 2020 wich i am using as a lab but i can figure out how to do it any ideas will be helpfull .

Thank you.


Re: CIFS LUN iscsi on Fas 2020

Re: CIFS LUN iscsi on Fas 2020

So existing cifs cannot be turned to iscsi if i got it right .And i need to creat a new volume and make it isci and tranfer the data righ t?


Re: CIFS LUN iscsi on Fas 2020

So i had a read up and i am more confused now.

The following line is from here

How iSCSI target nodes connect to the network You can implement iSCSI on the storage system using software or hardware solutions, depending on the model. Target nodes can connect to the network: • Over the system's Ethernet interfaces using software that is integrated into Data ONTAP. iSCSI can be implemented over multiple system interfaces, and an interface used for iSCSI can also transmit traffic for other protocols, such as CIFS and NFS

Do i misinterpet something here? Any help please .Thank you.

Re: CIFS LUN iscsi on Fas 2020

Re: CIFS LUN iscsi on Fas 2020

Great i look in to it thank you.

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