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Grace period for soft quotas on NFS?


Having been a unix admin for decades, I assumed that the soft/hard quota distinction implied a grace period the way it does on many unix systems, so I was surpirsed when I couldn't find any options or documentation on that feature.  I've read the docs and at least one knowledge-base page, and everything I find makes it sounds like the soft limit is really the same as "threshold" allowing you to send warning emails to users at two different thresholds.  Am I missing something or does the grace period functionality not exist on NetApp NFS shares?  Is there any plan to add this feature?


If it's really just a threshold, then perhaps renaming it to that (so that you'd have a "warning threshold" and a "critical threshold" or some similar distinction) would make more sense?



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There is no grace period. Its fixed when you setup the quotas until you change it and resize the quota.

The hard limit sets a limit on operations, it can be configured setting up limit on either file or disk. In the other hand, the soft limit will alert the Administrator/users to take actions to increase the quotas if required.

The naming does make sense, atleast it does for us who has been using NetApp for past 8+ years. May be you need to get used to it 🙂


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