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Can't login to XCP Web UI

elementx says to use 'admin' and the password I choose. I chose '123456'.

Now using that combo I can't login to XCP Web UI (Authentication Failed. Please verify Username and Password.)


How to troubleshoot auth errors for the Web UI?


CentOS 8.2, XCP 1.6.1.


Re: Can't login to XCP Web UI


Check the user guide documentation. Page 136 has troubleshooting. There is a list of things to be checked. If you stop the service you can run the script again and reset the admin password.


NetApp XCP 1.6.1 Documentation

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Re: Can't login to XCP Web UI


I did reset, check all the logs, reinstall, etc before I posted but darn - I didn't expect that I had to use Chrome to get in!

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