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FAS 2040 slow speed copying ISCSI

Hello everyone, I have a laboratory with a FAS2040 and a ds4243 disk shelf

FAS2040 12 X 600GB SAS (4 gigabit ethernet ports)

DS4243 24 X 600GB SAS

Cisco switches

Dell r815 server with Windows 2008r2 (2 gigabit ethernet ports)

In all the equipment Jumbo frame is config // mtu size 9000

lun1 disk E:

lun2 disk S:

I have two lun's mounted on a Windows 2008r2 server (500GB each one) I'm using ISCSI with the netapp DSM software

copying files to disk is fast 200-300 MB/S the problem is when copying files from one disk to another (S: to E 🙂 the speed drops to 10 MB/S the same happens if I copy files to local disks they are SSD

I don't see performance problems in storage counters

Can somebody help me.

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