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Cannot modify scanner pool on an Administrative Vserver



We feel receiving the following error message when attempting to remove vscan servers from the scanner-pool:


Error: command failed: Cannot modify a scanner pool on an administrative Vserver.


Note, we're admins and I've even used the set diag command. Please advise 





Can you share the full command you running. Are you specifying the vserver name once trying to run the command.

You will need to make sure you specifying the vserver name that owns the vscan policy.



I'm using the following command:


vserver vscan scanner-pool modify -vserver * - scanner-pool cenpool -hostnames x.x.x.x, x.x.x.x <---- (the necessary IP addresses)


Every time I try receive the "Cannot modify a scanner pool on an administrative vserver". Even when I run the command individually 



Try performing the below:


1. SSH to the cluster using the cluster-mgmt Lif.

2. List the scanner-pool:  vserver vscan scanner-pool show

3. Initiate the remove command on the Cluster admin vserver instead of the modify; you can use the remove  and add to adjust the vscan server attached to that specific sanner-pool.


vscan scanner-pool servers remove -vserver <vserver name> -scanner-pool <scanner-pool> -hostnames
<text> List of hostnames for Vscan Servers


vscan scanner-pool servers add -vserver <vserver name> -scanner-pool <scanner-pool> -hostnames
<text> List of hostnames for Vscan Servers





Thank you for suggestion. Unfortunately, following your instructions doens't change things; i'm still left with the "Cannot modify a scanner pool on an administrative Vserver" message


I'm wondering if I need to talk to someone who can modify the vscan servers themselves...


Hello Netapp_Journeyman,


Please use the following command to remove servers from a scanner pool "vserver vscan scanner-pool servers remove".


Here is reference documentation:

Removing Vscan servers from a scanner pool 





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