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Changing root password - Possible issues




I have several NetApp Fas 2240-2 storage arrays spread across several sites(10 sites, 15 arrays). Some are replicating(SnapMirror) but most are not. Over the years onsite IT have been given access to create there own Luns but this now needs to be removed. I am thinking about changing the root password on all arrays but am worried something might stop working. We are not using CIFS or NFS. I us System Manager and Operations Manager to monitor all arrays so am thinking these will need to have the new password applied again. Not an issue.


My question is, what could go wrong ? What might not work after I change the password, if anything ?


Thanks all.


Re: Changing root password - Possible issues

Anything connected & integrated with NetApp: things like SnapManager, SnapDrive, SnapProtect, Virtual Storage Console, Backup & recovery software been using NetApp API, etc.

Re: Changing root password - Possible issues


@edwardmou, I had issues when I changed the root password on a 2220 years ago, but only because i was using the root password on some of the tools that @D_BEREZENKO mentioned. We created separate accounts for OCUM and other services after that incident, and haven't had an issue since then. In fact, ironically I just refreshed the root password on our 2220s this week and had no issues because all of our tools are using service accounts.

Re: Changing root password - Possible issues


Not using any special features as mentioned. Just being used as block storage and two are replicating using SnapMirror. Thanks for input.

Re: Changing root password - Possible issues


if no special tools are using your hard coded root password then I don't see any issues in changeing the root passwords of the filer...

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