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Configure Storage Grid storage on a physical server with RedHat Docker Implementation



i try to deploy Storage Grid, and unfortunetly we don't have Eseries to do that.

I have physical servers with local storage. Approximatively 400TB on two RaidDP raidgroup. 

My OS is RedHat 7.5. Local storage is seen as sdb and sdc. 

Deployment is stucked at 33% with following error : Preparing Storage Error: Error while formatting devices.

I checked the logs and i saw that the installation process try to format sdb but it failed with the following error : file system already mounted on sdb.


I need some help to know how I have to configure my local storage to use it. 

I tried : raw storage, just PV, just VG, with LV, formatted.

All unsuccessful. 


If someone has an idea, it will be welcome.


Thanks a lot Good Afternoon