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NVE on NetApp ONTAP Select


Hi there,


I am an Engineer working for a company providing a KMIP-compliant KMS.We are a NetApp partner.


To test NVE and NSE I downloaded NetApp Simulator in the past, but due to the lack of NVE or NSE licenses, I never got around. I switched to ONTAP Select but again - NODAR.


I tried contacting NetApp but until now I had no luck finding anyone to hand me out a license.


Thanks for any hint,




Re: NVE on NetApp ONTAP Select


Ok, so I missed that I need six physical cores. Back to the simulator 😉

Re: NVE on NetApp ONTAP Select


It looks like you may have found that Select doesn't work for you, but I wanted to quickly reply. If you have the ability to download ONTAP Deploy, you can install ONTAP Select with NVE and you dont need a license for the 90 day evaluation. However, you do need a supported hypervisor running on supported hardware (Intel Haswell v3+ or Intel Skylake CPUs). Select and Deploy can't be installed on VMWare Workstation like the vSIM can...



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