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How do I rename an Virtual Storage Console appliance?


A colleague  installed a VSC appliance V9.7.1P1 however named it "SVC" instead of "VSC" and we would like to rename the device, however I'm not sure how to do that as there do not seem to be any options for it.

We are using the VSC with vCenter/SRM in order to load in the SRA into vCenter.

Is this possible?







The VSC appliance was most likely named SVC since there is another appliance for the "VSC, VASA Provider and SRA virtual appliance " which most likely has the name of vsc as VM.

You can change the name but you will need to make sure it is reflected within your dns as well.

I was able to rename the appliance by login in using the maint user.

Once login choose option 4 followed by option 2

At the prompt you will perform the below:


1. verify the hostname

diag@vsc1:: hostname


diag@vsc1:: sudo hostname svc1

diag@vsc1:: sudo vi /etc/hostname

{edit the name and change it to svc1}


Once above complete, you will need to reboot the VM.

To rename the VM within vsphere, click Edit and go to settings and you can just change the name under General settings tab.