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Mounting/Mapping disk to install disk firwmare


I need to update the disks in a FAS3250 running 7-Mode 8.2.4P4 for "NetApp Support Bulletin 1088175: [Impact: Critical] New HDD firmware for *HCOBE and *HCBEP to prevent high failure rate and data loss particularly if repurposing drives and zeroing them"


The instructions call for "Map a drive or mount the storage system's root volume as a user with administrator privileges."


I think it wants me to map a drive using my Windows 10 desktop but I am not a windows person.


Anyone know where I can get more detailed instructions?  I opened a support case but so far I have only received a link to the instructions I am trying to use.





Re: Mounting/Mapping disk to install disk firwmare


You should be able to use the command "net use <Windows drive letter> \\<netapp_hostname>\etc$" from the Windows Command Prompt to accomplish that step in the instructions. It'll just map the /etc directory to whichever drive letter you choose, which you'll then see in Windows Explorer as a "browseable" drive.


Some documentation for further reading: 

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