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Move Netapp FAS2650 to New Datacenter and need to re-IP all interfaces


Hi all,

I need to move our  Netapp FAS2650 Storage system to New datacenter in a Different State.  This will require a new subnet and subsequent re-IP'ing of ALL Network Interfaces. We also have Rubrik for NAS share backups (Rubrik uses its own Data LIF added as Host to backup and recover) and NDMP node directly cabled to NetApp (for legacy Avamar restores) .

Our NetApp is used for CIFS shares (user, office shares) and is on ONTAP 9.7P7


Could someone please guide me on the proper steps to complete this move - from labeling all cables, graceful shutdown, physical move, start up? and where does the re-IP'ing occur, before or after the move?

And anything else I may be overlooking?


I found the docs for shutdown and startup (listed below) so it looks like the physical move may not be too bad (knock on wood!) however my main concern is the Need to re-IP ALL Network Interfaces.


Thank you all for any and all input you can provide!!






Your high level steps look good, i'd add a few maybe?    Backup data, backup config, label, halt IO, shutdown, move, power up cluster switches (if applicable), power up shelves, power up controllers, check health, and re-IP.   troubleshoot if necessary. 


In past migrations i've typically done the re-IP after it's been moved and powered up, but no network connections done.     You can re-IP mgmt via the console cable, once that's done 


To add to that, I would ensure that you remove the cluster from AIQUM monitoring just prior to the shutdown and don't forget to remove DNS records pointing to the old IP Addresses and create DNS records for the new IP addresses then re-add the cluster to AIQUM once powered on in the new datacenter

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Thank you both very much!! 

If I re-IP cluster, management, etc after the move, what are the CLI commands to re-IP all interfaces?

I'm not sure if we still have the console cable it came with 4+ years ago, what type of cable to use to connect to console directly?


< net int modify > is the command you want to use for data lifs.   there's a -ip-address flag.


You might also have to change a few other things too - 

Routing - add/remove routes -




Most (if not all) counsel cables work.   I use the Cisco blue one for example.   Baud rate can vary depending on the age of the system,  for the 2650 it's 115200