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Move a SSD pool shelf to a dedicate stack

 Hello All,
We have a FAS8200 HA with two shelves. One shelf is SSD working as a storage pool, and another is SATA. For some reasons they have been cabled in one stack. Is it possible to move SSD shelf to a dedicate stack? It means, the FAS8200 HA will have two stacks, one is SSD pool, and another is SATA. Will the data on the aggregate be impacted? Is there any proper procedures for doing it?
Any suggestions are appreciated


Re: Move a SSD pool shelf to a dedicate stack

Hi there!


NetApp FAS/AFF aggregates don't rely on drive position at all - when turned off, you can pull drives out and move them around, or re-cable shelves entirely.


If your organisation can't take the downtime to do so, there are options for moving shelves around while the system is still running, but I'd recommend you engage NetApp or partner PS to perform this activity.


In short you change the SAS stacks from double ended, to single ended, with each on one controller, then do a takeover and recable the one that was only connected to the down controller (single ended), then giveback, takeover the other one and do that one, then giveback, then re-transition to double ended SAS stacks. It does introduce risk, so make sure you do it in a pre-determined change period.


Hope this helps!

Re: Move a SSD pool shelf to a dedicate stack

Hi Alex,
Thank you very much for your reply.
We will setup a maintenance time to shut down the system, and re-cable it.