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ldap auth on two domains, & ssh login denied


new to netapp, new to the job, don't believe there's an ongoing support contract (so don't imagine I can update anything) ....aaaaand starting a migration to a new domain (parent company).

Migrating from domain xx to domain yy (same forest) and when we migrate users/workstations to the new domain I need them to be able to access the fileshares from both domains and assume I can do so just by adding a second ldap client config then add the appropriate domain yy creds to the shares.


svm settings - cifs - domain - preferred dc's = added yy domain and ip of dc.

configurations - ldap services - add new client (already configured for xx with anonymous binding)

I add a new config, specify ip for preferred ad server, and whether I specify anonymous binding or specify an account with r/w permissions for my site's ou's, I get the following err.


Data ONTAP API Failed: Vserver API missing vserver parameter


I'm obviously missing something.. There's no vserver info that I can find via webgui.  I've also tried using putty to ssh in but keep getting an access denied (I have admin privs for everything according to the System Manager webgui).  I was intending on trying 'ldap client create'.  Can anyone shed any light?


Version : NetApp Release 9.1: Fri Dec 23 04:09:51 UTC 2016

2 node cluster of FAS2552.

3 luns, 1 svm (NTAPData) running nfs, cifs, iscsi.



Re: ldap auth on two domains, & ssh login denied




Could you take a look at this kb:


Unable to create an LDAP client: Data ONTAP API Failed: Vserver API missing vserver parameter.

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