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NetApp EVTX Converter

I've been searching the internet for a tool which converts from .XML back to .EVTX 
I was given .XML output from the EventViewer and I wish to convert it back.  

I've seen two posts about this tool. It this tool available to the general public?  
If not how could I evaluate this tool (with intent to purchase if it works)?





Re: NetApp EVTX Converter

Hi there! The tool is available to download from - please post a follow up if you have any problems downloading it. It is intended to be used with logs from our systems, so not sure how it will generally work, but feel free to give it a try.


Hope this helps!


Re: NetApp EVTX Converter

I downloaded your tool from this link.

Execute it and there is an error in command line

Conversion failed with error code C00CEE61


Conversion failed with error code C00CEE3A

Logs from Windows 10 Pro

Re: NetApp EVTX Converter

I do not find this tool by this link. Help me please to find tool.


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Re: NetApp EVTX Converter

Please check with the NetApp support group directly.
I believe that you have to be a customer to get this converter.

Re: NetApp EVTX Converter

Yes, I must have full access to download this utility. Can someone help me, download and send the utility to the mail for example? I would be very grateful.

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