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ONTAP Select SVM-DR supported?


Hi there, 


I'm a Netapp newbie and I wanted to find out if ONTAP Select support SVM-DR with SnapMirror? I can't find anything in the documentation. 






Re: ONTAP Select SVM-DR supported?




I just spent some time to research that matter and I couldn't find an article that specifically says "ONTAP Select is supported with SVM-DR" but on the other hand, I couldn't find any document that said it's not supported. 

I say, why not. Almost everything which is supported in modern ONTAP is supported with ONTAP Select, except features which are bound to specific hardware, like FC.


My 2cts










Re: ONTAP Select SVM-DR supported?


Thanks for the response, as you said there doesn't appear to be any reason for it not to work but nothing to says it does or if it is supported.


Not sure where to go from here...

Re: ONTAP Select SVM-DR supported?


ONTAP Feature Support ONTAP Select offers full support for most of the ONTAP functionality, except for those features that have hardware-specific dependencies. The supported functionality includes: • NFS, CIFS, and iSCSI • SnapMirror and SnapVault • NetApp FlexClone® technology • NetApp SnapRestore® technology • NetApp Volume Encryption • SnapLock Enterprise • FabricPool • MetroCluster SDS (formerly ONTAP Select two-node stretched cluster) Also, support for the NetApp OnCommand® management suite is included. This suite includes most tooling used to manage NetApp FAS arrays, such as OnCommand Unified Manager, OnCommand Insight, OnCommand Workflow Automation, and NetApp SnapCenter®. Using SnapCenter, NetApp SnapManager®, or NetApp SnapDrive® with ONTAP Select requires server-based licenses. Consult the IMT for a complete list of supported management applications.


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Re: ONTAP Select SVM-DR supported?


Great thanks for the response! 


Out of interest do you know of any resource on how to backup Select via NDMP using Backup Exec? I'll dig around if not, just though i was worth asking.

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