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Netapp TV Videos not playing

Not a technical issue, but one that is driving me nuts.


I am trying in vane to look at a few Netapp TV Video's. URL is:


However, I use a Macbook, and none..I mean NONE of these imbedded video's play on Mac.



Safari: 11.1.2

Chrome: 68.0.3440.106

FF: 61.0.2

Opera:  55.0.2994.37


NONE of these browser are supported on MAC?? Seriously??


Can anyone confirm this please?? And if you get it working, share your workaround?



EDIT: This is the error message on all Browsers:

The video is bad or in a format that cannot be played on your browser

Technical details :
Session ID: 2018-08-17:5c0bf6bc82293fd9c77be63c Player Element ID:performPlayer




Re: Netapp TV Videos not playing

Hi there!


I've tried the video you linked on Chrome 68.0.3440.106 and Safari 11.1.2 (13605.3.8) on my Mac (OS 10.13.6) and it works fine in both of them. 


Have you tried watching it in Private Browsing mode on either? (This should disable all extensions) and if that doesn't work, try a new user account on your Mac (without signing into Chrome or anything that might bright extensions across)


Hope this helps!

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