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what is "is_snapshot_auto_delete_enabled" (boolean, optional) in netapp volume??

what is is_snapshot_auto_delete_enabled (boolean, optional) in netapp volume exactly stands for?


Re: what is "is_snapshot_auto_delete_enabled" (boolean, optional) in netapp volume??

You can define and enable a policy for automatically deleting Snapshot copies by using the snap autodelete command. Automatically deleting Snapshot copies can help you manage space utilization.


Refer to below link for more details

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Re: what is "is_snapshot_auto_delete_enabled" (boolean, optional) in netapp volume??

Thanks for explaining.


i just want to know one more thing.


when we get the volume details: there is one parameter: "snapshot_auto_delete_trigger" 


what does it exactly means?


in Volume details is there any specific parameter from which we get to know its autodelete snaps/luns is activate or not for that volume?

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