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Reduce OnTap Simulator 9.1 memory requirments


Hi All


We are currentley a 7 mode house 

Have started to look towards cDOT now so ive fired up the sim on my laptop.


One problem is the ammount of memory its chewing.. Which im sure has been said before !!

Is there a process or set of commands to throttle the required 5 Gb per node down.. could really do with a little assistance in building out my lab.


As it usto run on 256 Mb from memory.. 

My laptop only supports a max of 8 Gb mem which is currentley installed.


cheers all



Re: Reduce OnTap Simulator 9.1 memory requirments


Hi there!


The Simulator is just a repackaged version of the OS image that runs on our physical systems. We are able to release it as it is a minimal compile difference, and we use it for internal development as well. However, the downside is that it needs a lot of RAM, to simulate a writelog, and uses it write optimisation and deduplication buffers (etc).


For this reason, it is unlikely that a lower memory option will become available. For multinode simulation, I suggest using a spare or older server.

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