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SVMTOOL shutdown


Hello Community,


I'm the developer of SVMTOOL and for those who don't know it, this script has been used for several years to migrate or create disaster recover for SVM to Metrocluster (which is still not possible with ONTAP's internal SVMDR).
For reasons I won't explain here, I had to close the github that gave you access to the script.
For all those who used it and who still wish to use it, could you please send me some details:

  • The number of times you have used this script?
  • The name of the clients at the operation took place?
  • Could you have done without SVMTOOL and if so with what consequences?

Thank you in advance for your feedback, which will be very valuable to me in the hope of making this script available again.


Olivier MASSON



Hello Olivier,

A few weeks ago, I had to migrate some SVMs from an old AFF8060 MC to "new" AFF A300 IP MC.

Some time before the migration I noticed that there was a "vserver migrate" command in advanced mode so I planed to use this command to proceed for vserver migration.

But just a few days before the migration I noticed that the "vserver migrate" command required an undisclosed license/feature activation to work, even if the metrocluster was licensed for complete SW bundle.

After clarification with my NetApp Account team, it appears that this command is not "properly implemented (yet?)" and they told me that I would have to use vserver-dr, provoke a switchover and destroy the original vservers.

So did I for the first vservers that I had to migrate from an old to a new secondary cluster...

But what was my surprise when I noticed that this doesn't work on metroclusters...

I asked the NetApp Account team again, and they told me about SVMTOOL, that, at that time, was still available on github.

So I used it to to migrate the remaining NFS & CIFS vservers from some old AFF8060 MC to "new" AFF A300 IP MC. (Approx 30 TB.)

It worked approximately well, I had some issues with it, but I was able to fix some of them myself & some with external help :-).

I feel IT IS A SHAME that NetApp doesn't provide any more tools to migrate vservers.
In the past, 7MTT was fully officially supported for migration purposes when NetApp wanted to push the customers to migrate from 7-Mode to C-Mode. Now a few years afterwards, most of the customers are under C-Mode, their 1st C-Mode clusters are being HW-refreshed but there are no more official supported tools to migrate a vserver from a C-Mode cluster to another C-Mode cluster... WHAT A JOKE...

I think that your SVMTOOL could serve as a basis for this purpose.
This, or they have to properly implement and make "vserver migrate" available.


Now to answer your questions

  • The number of times you have used this script?
    --> 12 times / 12 vservers, some pure NFS, some pure CIFS.
  • The name of the clients at the operation took place?
    --> smart France SAS, still part of Daimler AG at this time. I am the client, I used the tool myself.
  • Could you have done without SVMTOOL and if so with what consequences?
    --> this was my plan C and I had no plan D...

I hope this situation will improve.

Thank you for SVMTOOL, it saved me A LOT OF TIME !


Best Regards,


Xavier Pitz

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