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Stress testing tools for file server


HI Heroes,

New to NetApp... May I know is there any good/recommended stress testing tools to test the file server?

Originally, We want to install McAfee VirusScan for Storage to protect our NAS, but before installing it, we want to simulate high file read/write and send files to McAfee scanner server to watch the payload.


Thanks in advance, any info is appreciated!!! 


Re: Stress testing tools for file server


Hi CondorHero,


Although, this won't test the resiliency of your McAfee Server, but we do have a built-in stress test script that can be run from the node shell called "hammer", which can be accessed in 'diag' privileges mode.


I agree with your efforts to test the AV Server's performance to keep up with your intended workload. An improperly sized AV or FilePolicy Server will cause severe bottlenecks to client access manifesting as an issue on the NetApp-side when actually we are waiting for files to be scanned before allowing client access.





Team NetApp

Team NetApp

Re: Stress testing tools for file server




According to the latest VSCAN TR's, sizing for vSCAN need to be done via  the internal NetApp SPM tool.

On older releases of the TR's  there was a sizing formula (I have no idea why it was remove, I'll give NetApp the benefit of doubt and say it was probably for a good reason - hence should not be used any more) :




As for your request. There's a Microsoft tool called FSCT to simulate real-world stress test on the file server. I never seen anyone using it with ONTAP (except for now - see below) and have no idea if this scenario supported by NetApp, McAfee or Microsoft. The tool along with DOCs is downloadable from here:

I now see it's been used by NetApp themselves to benchmark NetApp Files in Azure and AWS, and there's someone who tested it in ONTAP 7-mode. So I'd assume it will probably work....

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

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