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Good day to all, I just  passed degerr and i am a Trainee enginee in one compnay, i am new on netapp storage community  , i  want some Storage Training material from scratch. if anyone have  a training video please share the link ,





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In the past few years there is an explosion of knowledge sharing and free content on internet around "NetApp" stuff, so I would suggest look up on the internet.  Further, as I understand, your company has NetApp storage? In that case you should be able to create a 'non-guest' account and get to access to NetApp support site which will enable you to get access to : NetApp Knowledge-base/NetAppkbTV(Youtube videos), NetApp University courses, NetApp documentation site etc etc.


I guess, to begin with, all you need is some basic knowledge around ONTAP(OS)/WAFL(filesystem-snapshot), and along with that you will need an 'Ontap simulator' from NetApp support site (this will require non-guest account) and that's it - you can Start building hands-on practical knowledge around NetApp's core technologies.

In short, there are number of avenues for learning NetApp related stuff:

1) NetApp University: ( Here you will find number of free-web-based training videos)

2) NetApp forums:


For 7-mode:
Introduction to NetApp storage





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