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Trying to download latest Data Ontap Powershell Toolkit


This link found in the forum is not working for me.

I have tried different browsers, but all of them fail to start a download.

Anyone knows how to download the Powershell Toolkit ?



Just tried with chrome, seems working for me.


Try this:


I have tested

on both mac and windows 10 / safari, firefox, chrome, edge all result ending up here

On tools page I can see a download menu item, but only NetApp produces are show, not the powershell toolkit.

It might be I am doing something wrong, I just dont see what that is.

I see others have had same issue, but have not found any solution to why I cannot download the powershell toolkit.


Have attached the screenshot. Are you able to get to that page ? There is a search box, could you enter 'powershell' there.


My browser end here


I have attached a hardcopy, keying in powershell is search box does not provide any changes on the screen, I also see I have fewer functions at the top, so maybe something is wrong with my profile, I an not allowed to download any NetApp software, could that be the reason ? And how to solve that, I only need the powershell toolkit, our NetApp consultant has already organized the work providing NetApp software etc. ?


That makes sense, probably your account does not have privileges to view and download. Are you using a 'Guest Account'. Ideally, if you have a NetApp Filers registered with NetApp with valid contract, then you should get access in 24-48 hours after the account creation using your 'company's email Id'. 


In any case,  you could ask  your NetApp consultant to download this tool for you as he would have access to it.