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Trident Import volume ontap-nas-economy




We are using Trident and we would like migrate data from one Kubernetes cluster to another.  We can do this using the command "import volume" from trident,  but is not compatible with the driver we use "ontap-nas-economy".  Do you know if this driver is planned to be supported for migrations? Is there another migration solution?





Was there particular documentation or a failure message that depicts the ontap-nas-economy driver as insufficient? I was unable to locate any documentation on the subject.



The functionality for the volume import does not work under the ontap-nas-economy driver because it deploys volumes under qtrees rather than volumes, so it is sacrificing some of the volume level capabilities for expanded availability for many more smaller implementations.


I'm not aware of any discussion to add this into the import volume command set, at this time.


Looking into other possible migration options.


This may require manual migration via a cp or robocopy of the data, as the volume level is not an option for this.