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Unused port alerts on the dashboard


Unused ports produce alerts on the dashboard.

How can I clear this as we have no intention of using those ports?

We are running Clustered ontap 9.3P8

This seems like a really stupid question, but there's no obvious way of clearing this.  You can't do anything in the dasboard and they don't feature under the "system alerts" section.





Yes, I see this on my 9.1 Filers as well, looks like you can do nothing about it unless you upgrade to 9.4 as per this kb. We also have ports which are un-used but purposely administratively down but they still show up as down.


OnCommand System Manager 9.0 and newer report administratively down interfaces under the Dashboard:

In OnCommand System Manager 9.0 and later, the UI is changed. As part of this change, when a user logs into OnCommand System Manager, it will take them to the dashboard for the cluster. The dashboard will display warning level and critical alerts and notifications. As part of this, it can report ports that are down. This issue will be seen under the Alerts and Notifications section in the OnCommand System Manager Dashboard. Here you will see where it reports X ports down under the critical section.


Cause: BUG-956352
This is caused by OnCommand System Manager not checking the administrative status of the port and only checking if it is up or down.

Upgrade to Ontap 9.4 or later to resolve this issue.





Thanks for your response.

What a crappy bug - that's really silly isn't it!  What a long way round to resolve such a simple thing!

It's so claringly obvious, I just don't see how that didn't get caught during QA\Testing!!


Hi there! 


Our bug tracking tool is called BURT, and it is used for tracking both feature enhancements and product defects. This is classified as a request for enhancement (RFE) per the KB article. It is not due to unintended functionality - it's just the outcome of where we were able to spend development effort prior to release. 


Yes, it was silly. But it's fixed now. If it's a big issue, please update to 9.5P10 - all platforms which support 9.3 will support 9.5 (unless you have IOM3 disk shelves)


Running 9.6P3,,,, 12 ports down notification still there! bit hard to explain to a non technical manager why the dashboard of a VERY expensive storage system is showing alerts 24/7. Getting to the point where ill just have to say "yea sorry, Netapp systems development cant see to get that bit right! wonder what else might be broken" Come on people its been 5+ years, let us have a clean bill of Dashboard health 😞 


"System alerts" is clean.


Elevate you privilege from admin to advanced and you will have an option to ignore the down ports


cluster::> set -privilege advanced

cluster::*> network port modify -node [node] -port [port] -ignore-health-status true -up-admin false


It is on of the first things I do when standing up a new cluster is to down and ignore un-cabled ports.


Nice one 

Worked a treat on 9.6P3!

Didnt work on 9.1P3, but thats expected.