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We are trying to capture to our new storeage, but it doesn't seems to work. The storage is mapped like a network drive with a service account that every computer got (not ad joined computers) via a .bat script 

when I run whomi the computer is the local and not the same name as the bat script calls.
We got permissions denied when we press on acquire in the application. And we are unable to write to the drive in the application, but we could store it firstly on desktop and then drag it to the network place.
The service account has full permissions. 
What could we do? Is the application not catching the service account credentials? 
It works great when we put the security group ”Authenticated Users” and magically the button ”set as the default folder is clickable. 
But it's a security risk to exploit this to all Authenticated users 
What could we do to achieve this? 

The camera is Leica and the software is their proprietary application LAS

Do you guys have any clues on what could be wrong? I have been in touch with their support and they don't know.

The share is setted up with CIFS




Is the used service account  local to each machine or is it a domain service account that is used on a standalone workstation?


What about creating new domain user,  and using it instead of the service account?




The service account is in a bat script that calls a network share with network creds in a domain. The computer is standalone and non domain joined