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Win2k12 and shared disks on e2760 series


Greetings all. I am unskilled with creating and sharing LUNs / Disks from Win2k12 R2 to our e2760 series arrays. I apologize as this may get long but I want to try and cover my experience so far.

So I have dual Win2k12 R2 servers that run out backup application and we have a single disk pool with all our disks in it. I noticed that the disk can only have a single "Ownership" host. 

I don't know how to share or map access between two different servers, if that is possible using iSCSI.

Any suggestions or docs that can be of assistance?

Thank you.


Re: Win2k12 and shared disks on e2760 series


Both hosts will need to be in a "Host Group" to achieve what you need.

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 7.38.58 AM.png

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