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XCP multiple copy/sync operation supported ?



(I'm a Netapp customer)

 I need to run xcp copy operation on different NFS source/target in parallel.


start a

xcp copy sourcefiler:/path_one dest:/path_one

and in another ssh session on the same host:

xcp copy sourcefiler:/path_two dest:/path_two


Are this supported ?


On the "XCP - Get started guide" I read:

• XCP multiple instances on same host: When running multiple instances of XCP on the same host you
might get unpredictable results.


But I'm unsure what "instance" means in this context.


Thank you in advance




It's also unclear what that ("unpredictable") means.


Many users may not care about "predictable" performance, but I think everyone cares about predictable veracity of copied data.


Hello @rtorresani,


The example you provided is considered running multiple instances of XCP on a single host. One of the main reasons why it is unsupported to run multiple instances, such as multiple SSH sessions, to the same host is because essentially only a single instance of XCP is actually running. The single instance of XCP will encounter "collisions" with one another and can result in severely undesirable results to your data also referred to as "unpredictable" in the documentation to avoid using such stern language.


XCP also only writes to a single log file, so running multiple instances of XCP the log files will be overwritten by each instance and will have missing data to troubleshoot any errors or inconsistencies.


At this time running multiple instances of XCP to the same host is still considered unsupported.





Team NetApp

Team NetApp