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behaviour after changing vserver DR volume to 'unprotected'


hi guys,


Can someone just give me a pointer on something please?


I have a volume which is a part of a vserver DR Snapmirror replication, and I have realised that I no longer want to have it replicated to our DR cluster.


So I have changed the source volume to '-vserver-dr-protection unprotected', and now I'm wondering.... will the destination volume disappear after the next Snapmirror update, or in order to recover the space, must I manually delete the DR volume?


I really need to recover the space on the DR side, thats why I ask.


Many thanks, and stay healthy....





No, by making 'unprotected' will not make it disappear 'magically'. I think it will stay put where it is.  


As I understand, you would like to recover space on the destination, and you don't mind having it deleted. If so then please try the following commands and let me know.


Try these commands:


Go to Source Cluster:
::> snapmirror list-destinations
::> snapmirror release -destination-path svm_dr:


You might see a jog triggered.
Info: [Job xx] 'SnapMirror Release' job queued

Ideally, if the release goes without errors, then destination should have gone now, but in any case verify it.


While on Source Cluster, to verify 'destination' is gone:
::> snapmirror list-destinations


Go to DR Cluster:
::> snapmirror delete -destination-path svm_dr:
::> vserver peer delete -vserver svm_dr -peer-vserver source_svm

If this is successful go to next step, sometime job is queued, so do this to ensure it is completed before proceeding further.
::> job show -id


Delete the SnapMirror 'Policy' you had created during SVM DR setup. (Check whichever policy exists)
::> snapmirror policy delete -vserver svm_dr -policy exclude_LIF


Now, force the dest SVM DR volume to turn 'offline':


While on DR cluster:
::> volume modify -vserver svm_dr -volume <dest_vol> -state force-offline
Warning: Forcing offline volume <dest_vol> in Vserver svm_dr can potentially disrupt access to files in other volumes.
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y
Job: Volume modify successful on volume <vol> of Vserver svm_dr.


While DR cluster: Finally,  try to delete it
::* volume delete -vserver svm_dr -volume <dest_vol>