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user mapping not working



I am struggling with user mapping in combination with multiprotocol functionality.

1. UNIX to Windows mapping: when I define a -default-win-user for the NFS server the mapping does not work. I configured LDAP on the vserver en ldap is enabled in the ns switch options.
Command: "diag secd name-mapping show -node %node% -vserver %vserver% -direction unix-win -name somelocallinuxname" effectively shows me the correct mapping as defined in the
-default-win-user parameter. However, when I want to mount the share on my Linux client I get an access denied. When I manually create a user mapping I can mount and access the share.

2. Windows to UNIX mapping: I can't make it work. I have set a -default-unix-user in the cifs server settings (eg: root). The command "diag secd ..." returns the correct mapping
but when I try to write data to the share I just get a permission denied (except with a Windows user who is also a member of the administrators group of the vserver).
I also tried with a manually created user mapping (DOMAIN\\(.+) => root) but to no avail.

I have consulted the Netapp documentation but I can't find a solution. Does anybody have experience with these settings and provide me with an example how to make this work (preferrably with the default-user and ldap options?).

Best regards