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Add Volume to VFiler


With the command New-NaVol I can create a new volume on the NetApp Filer.

But this doesn't work direct on a vFiler. Is there any other cmdlet, which adds the created volume to a specific vFiler?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Add Volume to VFiler

You can use the Set-NaVfilerStorage cmdlet to add volumes to a vfiler.

For example, to add the volume tmpvol to the vfiler vfiler1:

PS C:\> Set-NaVfilerStorage -AddStorage /vol/tmpvol -Name vfiler1

Name                      Status         Ipspace              VfnetCount VfstoreCount AdminHost

----                      ------         -------              ---------- ------------ ---------

vfiler1                   running        default-ipspace               1            2

PS C:\> Get-NaVfiler vfiler1 | select -ExpandProperty VfStores

                                  IsEtc Path                                    Status

                                  ----- ----                                    ------

                                   True /vol/vfiler1                            online

                                  False /vol/tmpvol                             online

Hope that helps!


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