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Create Flexclones


I'm looking for a script that will create a flexclone during SRM failover tests.  I'm trying to at least find the command if someone can get me started in the right direction.

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Re: Create Flexclones

Hello, Paul.  Finding the right clone command can be a little confusing:

PS C:\> Get-NaHelp | ? {$_.Name -LIKE "*clone*"} | sort Category

Name                                    Api                                     Category
----                                    ---                                     --------
Stop-NaClone                            {clone-stop}                            clone
Start-NaClone                           {clone-start}                           clone
Get-NaClone                             {clone-list-status}                     clone
Clear-NaClone                           {clone-clear}                           clone
New-NaLunClone                          {lun-create-clone}                      lun
Start-NaLunCloneSplit                   {lun-clone-split-start}                 lun
Get-NaLunCloneSplit                     {lun-clone-split-status-list-info}      lun
Stop-NaLunCloneSplit                    {lun-clone-split-stop}                  lun
Stop-NaVolCloneSplit                    {volume-clone-split-stop}               volume
Get-NaVolCloneSplit                     {volume-clone-split-status}             volume
New-NaVolClone                          {volume-clone-create}                   volume
Start-NaVolCloneSplit                   {volume-clone-split-start}              volume

The cmdlets in the clone catagory use the newer Sis-Clone APIs, which are used by some NetApp tools such as the Provisioning and Cloning section of the Virtual Storage Console product (formerly, Rapid Cloning Utility).

The remaining cmdlets in the list use the FlexClone APIs.

Re: Create Flexclones

Hi Paul,

Not sure if you are aware of it, but actually VMware SRM will leverage NetApp cloning (automatically in the background) if you do 'Test Fail-over', not the actual 'Fail-over'.



Re: Create Flexclones


Our customer has a lot of Windows iSCSI initiated LUNs which SRM is not aware of and don’t flexclone on a test failover. The NFS volumes flex perfectly and I finally figured out the LUNs were not attaching because they are read only in snapmirrored volume.

Re: Create Flexclones


I have been told (few months ago) that this gap had been closed & now SnapDrive (ver. 6.2) can be fully integrated into SRM framework, so all RDMs are properly handled during failover / testing.

Since then I didn't see any further details, so don't know whether e.g. using VMware iSCSI initiator (vs. MS one inside a guest) is a must - I guess it may be the case though.


Re: Create Flexclones

Check the fix list for SnapDrive 6.2P1