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Re: DF -g & getnasnapshot differences

I see what you mean, I also got a slightly result with get-nasnapshot, it is not out by a lot though.

Here is the code I ran, which also incorporates the suggestion which Eric made earlier.

get-nasnapshot $vol.Name | foreach-object{$VolumeSnapSize += $_.Total }

Write-Host "Snapsize 1:" $VolumeSnapSize " = " ($VolumeSnapSize | ConvertTo-FormattedNumber -Type datasize)

$VolumeSnapSize = (Get-NaSnapshot $vol.Name | measure -Maximum Cumulative).Maximum

Write-Host "Snapsize 2:" $VolumeSnapSize  " = " ($VolumeSnapSize | ConvertTo-FormattedNumber -Type datasize)

$VolumeSnapSize = Get-NaSnapshotReclaimable $vol.Name -Snapshots ( Get-NaSnapshot $vol.Name * )

Write-Host "Snapsize 3:" $VolumeSnapSize " = " ($VolumeSnapSize | ConvertTo-FormattedNumber -Type datasize)

The ouptut for me was:

Snapsize 1: 48218980352  =  45 GB

Snapsize 2: 48218980352  =  45 GB

Snapsize 3: 48098308096  =  45 GB

Re: DF -g & getnasnapshot differences

If you are getting substantially different usage numbers from df and System Manager, you may be better off raising a NetApp support ticket.  This doesn't seem like a PowerShell issue.




Re: DF -g & getnasnapshot differences

The new Toolkit seems to have fixed the error. It is also reporting correctly on system manager now as well!