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Get-NaPerfData processor value


Maybe someone can help answer this question - when I run this command in powershell:

Get-NaPerfData processor | select -expandproperty counters

I get this value (among others):

Name                                                                                  Value                                                                               
----                                                                                  -----                                                                               
processor_busy                                                                        133031424901

What is the math involved here?  I don't understand that number.  I know the processor busy is around 2-3% - what does that value above represent?

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Re: Get-NaPerfData processor value


Hi, Jeff.  Some perf counter values require companion base counter values and must be averaged over two successive readings.

PS C:\> Get-NaPerfCounter processor

BaseCounter    : processor_elapsed_time
Desc           : Percentage of elapsed time that the processor is executing non-idle processes
Labels         :
Name           : processor_busy
PrivilegeLevel : basic
Properties     : percent
Type           :
Unit           : percent

So to get the processor busy percentage, get the values twice with an interval of a few seconds in between.  Then do:

CPU % = (value_t2 - value_t1) / (base_t2 - base_t1) * 100

See 'Get-Help Get-NaPerfObject' for more details on working with the Data ONTAP performance APIs.

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Re: Get-NaPerfData processor value


Got it.  Thank you very much!

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