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Get-NaSystemLog -AuditLog TimeStampDT not set


i am using the Powershell Toolkit 2.0 on a Win7 64Bit Desktop.

The connected filer is a Fas 2040 with NetApp Release

when i try to get filtered AuditLogdata i have some Problems to set the filter because the TimeStampDT Value is not set.

Get-NaSystemLog -AuditLog | where {$_.Timestamp -gt (Get-Date).AddHours(-2)} | select TimeStamp,timestampdt, Severity, EventSource, Value

TimeStamp   : Mon Jul 16 14:19:01 CEST

TimeStampDT : 01.01.0001 00:00:00

Severity    : debug

EventSource : root

Value       : <netapp version='1.0' xmlns=''><file-read-file>   <length>131072</length>   <offset>0</offset>   <path>/vol/vol0/etc/log/auditlog</path> </file-read-


OS : Windows 7 Ultimate, SP1 English Current Region / Language Setting : German (Switzerland)

Any suggestions how to populate TimeStampDT ?

Thanks, Frank

Re: Get-NaSystemLog -AuditLog TimeStampDT not set

Hi Frank,

It appears you have found a bug.  I was able to reproduce it (thanks for the region settings!) and it will be fixed for the next toolkit release.