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How do I present a LUN to a Hyper-V Virtual Machine?


I'm running a 2008 R2 Hyper-V cluster (5 nodes) using cluster-shared volumes on FAS2040 using iSCSI.  I currently have a VM that I'm preparing to use as a SQL server and trying to follow NetApp's recommendation of putting the system DBs and user DBs on separate LUNs. In SnapDrive, I've created a new disk/LUN on a separate volume and attached it as a resource for that VM, however, it does not add the new disk to the VM but to the VM's host server. What am I doing wrong? Your help is much appreciated. Thanks!



hi kikoplavdd

I am not sure if i got the question right.

I think you wanted to add a pass through lun to a Hyper-V VM residing in CSV Volumes.

is that correct?

In general on a hyperv-vm (residing on disk) we can add Lun using host initiator.

Please check if you have set hyperv_config so that u can see hostinitiator in while

Please check admin guide "Snapdrive 6.3 for windows . Installation and Administration Guide" refer page 40 and 41




Thanks - I am going to give your suggestion a try! If I am able to setup the virtual networks in the VM to see the networks in my host, is it possible to install SnapDrive within the VM to create new LUN/disks from within the VM itself?