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HowTo create vif with mtusize 9000


I'm trying to create a vif consisting of two interfaces e1a and e2a. After creating the vif with New-NaNetVif it has always an mtusize of 1500 per default. The only way I found how to set mtusize is with set-nanetinterface -mtusize 9000. However, it always throws MTU size must be between 296 and 1500 for vif.

Thanks in advance




Don't know what was the problem the first time. Meanwhile I got it to work for example like this

Set-NaNetInterface vif11-487 -Address x.x.x.x -Netmask -Mtusize 9000 -partner ...

In Advance I did a New-NaNetVif vif11 e1a e2a and Add-NaVlan vif11 487



Somethings seems off here

whats the name of your vif, for example vif10g

$int = get-nanetinterface vif10g

$int | gm  (gives you all the properties)

But you should be able to do something as simple as

get-nanetinterface vif10g | Set-nanetinterface vif10g -mtusize 9000 -confirm -verbose  

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