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Is it possible to run ONTAP CMDlets in "partner mode" if on node in a HA pair fails?



is it possible to run ONTAP CMDlets in "partner mode" if one node in a HA pair fails (like I can do with the "partner" command in the cli)?

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What are you exactly trying to do?

Also, when the filer fails over, you should still be able to run powershell cmdlets.

For example, if a FilerA fails over to filerB, you should still be able to connect to FilerA via powershell cmdlets.  Someone please correct me if i'm wrong

Does it mean, that the http daemon of the failed node will be running on the "emulated node" after the failover?

For a better understanding: I'm planning a HA failover test and I would like to test the availability of the aggregates, volumes and vFilers during takeover with PowerShell. PowerShell CMDlets in this environment can only communicate via HTTPS with the storage controllers.


I doubt you can access a down filer (other than the SP/RLM/BMC)

if there is an option it would be to access the surviving node and 'jump' to the down node. Something similar to the 'partner' command