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Request 1

Currently the commandlet Invoke-NcSnapmirrorQuiesce has an argument -Query allowing for quiescing SnapMirror relationships that works for SVMDR relationships. However none of the other related Invoke commands like Invoke-NcSnapmirrorBreak and Invoke-NcSnapmirrorResync have the -Query argument. This forces the script to invoke an ssh session to complete an otherwise simple process to fail over an SVMDR relationship.


The request: Please add the -Query to the remaining commands for existing snapmirror relationships. 


Request 2 


When building an SVMDR snapmirror relationship the command New-NcSnapmirror demands that the volume names be entered. This defeats the use of an SVMDR since all volumes current and future are included automatically in such a relationship. 


The request: Please add the ability to stop at the SVM level and not have to include the volumes in the current New-NcSnapmirror or create a new commandlet like New-NcSnapmirrorSVMDR



Hello Andrew7193,


Following the ONTAP command structure, you would use the "snapmirror show" and snapmirror show-history" command after a "break" and "resync" operation to view its status. The corresponding PowerShell cmdlet would be, "get-NcSnapmirror" and "get-NcSnapmirror-history", respectively. In the meantime, I will look into your request of getting the "-query" option added.


Your request for "New-NcSnapmirrorSVMDR" also makes perfect sense; I will look into this as well.





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