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Powershell Healthchecck

Hey Team,


I'm trying to put together a powershell script to run a healthcheck on a NetApp Environment and output a document, similar to the way NetAppDOCS works.


I'm new to PS and frankly have no idea where to start, any suggestions on how to get going?


I want to check things like capacity, efficiency, etc.  My goal is to generate a report from a system that doesn't have ASUP turned on that i could hand to a customer so show them the state of their environment...


Re: Powershell Healthchecck

Hi Joe.  I'm the developer of NetAppDocs and I'd be interested in seeing the type of output you are looking to produce. Does NetAppDocs not cover what you are wanting to report on now? Feel free to contact me directly if you want to discuss further.





Re: Powershell Healthchecck

Hi Jason,


I am looking for something more oriented as an overall system health report.  Something that reports on the storage efficiency, capacity and could be used as an actionable reference for improving the overall health and efficiency of the user.


I do a lot of public sector work that puts me in front of both 7M and CDOT clusters that are secure and unable to send autosupports which already provide that functionality and this type of report is something I get asked for quite often so I was hoping to automate it.


I'd like to be able to show space savings on volumes that already have some form of efficiency enabled, estimated savings on volumes that don't, current used / available capacity and perhaps a bit of a performance timelime all dumped into a .doc or .xls I could just hand to a customer.


NetAppDocs is great (seriously, thank you for that!) so I was hoping I could use the PowershellToolkit to build a similar script that gathered that data and dumped into a similar output.


Re: Powershell Healthchecck

Hello @Joe_Bailey,


I think this is a fantastic idea, I've been pondering something like this for a number of years and simply haven't had time to get started.  The VMware comunity has something that might make for a great framework in the vCheck tool by the one and only Alan Renouf.


I would be happy to contribute checks if you're willing to open source the project and make it available via GitHub.  Off the top of my head there are a number of things that might be useful:


  • Node
    • Aggregates
      • Capacity used/free
      • Aggr snapshots
    • Disks
      • Broken
      • Spare
      • Unused
      • Unassigned
    • Port health
  • Cluster
    • Cluster health
    • Licenses
  • SVM
    • Volume
      • Capacity used/free
      • inodes available
      • Dedupication status / last job result
      • Feature matrix
      • Snap reserve used/free/exceeded
      • Snapshots exceeding X days old
      • Snap size chart
    • Share / Export / LUN properties
    • LIF health


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Re: Powershell Healthchecck

Interesting, I'll follow and if I can contribute.



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