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Powershell Toolkit - SNAPVAULT UPDATE: Start-NaSnapvaultSecTransfer : RPC Error


Hello all,

Noob here.

I'm trying to prove I can update my snapvault relationships on the secondary (primaries are OSSV) based on lag, volume naming convention, and idle status. It runs and works but errored out. I will continue testing to see if this is intermittent.


Start-NaSnapvaultSecTransfer : RPC Error: The remote procedure call failed. Code 0x6BE.

At line:1 char:238

+ get-NaSnapvaultSecStatus | where-Object {$_.LagTimeTS -like "*.*" -and $_.Secondary -like "*:/vol/SV_*" -and $_.Status -eq "idle"} | forEach-Object {$_.Secondary -replace "MyFiler:", ""} | forEach-Object {Start-NaSnapvaultSecTransfer <<<<  $_}

    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (myfiler:NaController) [Start-NaSnapvaultSecTransfer], EAPITRANSMISSION

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ApiException,DataONTAP.PowerShell.SDK.Cmdlets.Snapvault.StartNaSnapvaultSecTransfer

Statement executed from shell:

get-NaSnapvaultSecStatus | where-Object {$_.LagTimeTS -like "*.*" -and $_.Secondary -like "*:/vol/SV_*" -and $_.Status -eq "idle"} | forEach-Object {$_.Secondary -replace "MyFiler:", ""} | forEach-Object {Start-NaSnapvaultSecTransfer $_}

This is the first time I have gotten the RPC error ever before, but this is also the first script that isn't just a getter.

Thanks in advance for any direction!



Follow up a day later after testing the script multiple time as well as other scripts - I haven't received the error again and am willing to call this a network hiccup. I'll post again if the issue returns.

Thanks, Alan

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