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Questions regarding configuration of mirroring and SNAP Mirror over a Metro Ethernet.


I am looking at moving a customer to a new data center.  In the process we are going to retain their current NetApp storage for both locations.  I ask that you forgive me as I don't know models etc. really.  First of all, the "intended" design was to have a dual controller NetApp FAS2040 (I think) connected to a storage chassis with several 15k SAS drives.  There are two volumes at 2 TB each.  The idea was to have the storage being served up to XenServer by either controller and for the two 2 TB volumes to mirror each other.  Additionally, there is a third FAS2040 with SATA drives that was intended to be a SNAP mirror.

In actuality each controller is serving a 2 TB volume to XenServer and the SNAP mirror is broken.

What I would like to do, is fix the mirror.  So we have two 2 TB volumes mirroring each other and being served as one 2 TB volume by either controller.  These will reside at a co-location with our XenServers.  Then use the corporate offices as a DR location.  Here I will have the SATA unit acting as a SNAP mirror with a couple more XenServers.  In this case, if there were a disaster at the colo we could spin up the VMs at the DR site.

Is it doable with NetApp what I am asking in terms of mirroring two 2 TB volumes into one volume presented to the hypervisor?  Can the volume be served by two controllers?  And can SNAP Mirror run over a Metro-Ethernet connection of 100Mbps?




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