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SMVI Licensing

If I have three ESX hosts and a FAS2040 (dual) at a primary site and two ESX hosts and a FAS2040 (single) at a DR site what SMVI licensing do I require?

I will also be using snapmirror integrated with SMVI for replicating VMs from primary to DR and I wont be running any VMs that require protection at the DR site....


Re: SMVI Licensing

Take a look at the 6th reply of this thread

Side-note: If you have a flexclone licensed, I would HIGHLY recommend using NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC), unifying NetApp's Rapid Clone Utility with SMVI into a vCenter plug-in...makes life easy-peasy!

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for some reason I cant access that thread - Access denied!

can you copy and paste for me?

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Try it now...

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The only place where license is mentioned in this thread is when it talks about SnapVault. It does not say anything about SMVI licensing … or I cannot find it ☺

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Still can't see it!

Can anyone just explain what is needed for my situation on this thread please?

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You can have a controller or host level license for SMVI. In addition based on what you want to do you may want

1) SnapMirror (if you are interested in DR)

2) FlexClone - This provides useful functionality like


     - Single file restore

     -restore VMDK to an alternate datastore

     -NFS datastore mounts (for backup verification)

     - cloning using RCU (which is a part of VSC 2.0 release)



Re: SMVI Licensing

Can we license SMVI per-storage basis or only per-host basis?

When I type 'license' in FAS2040 storage CLI, I can see the following SnapManger options:




but I cannot locate license option for VI.

Anybody know?

Re: SMVI Licensing

You can purchase SMVI licenses for your Filer(s) OR for your ESX hosts. Ask your NetApp contact, which alternative is cheaper. You have to purchase a Snapmirror license for each filer (controller). Also you have to add Flexclone licenses if you want to do Single File Restores. Do you want to use your single head filer as backup only?

Re: SMVI Licensing

OK, but where do you type storage-based license?

I don't see it in a list of licenses on my filer. Options for other SM licenses are there (smsql,...)

Is there any relevant document about SMVI licensing?